Custom Service

At H&S, our sofa manufacturers goal is to simplify the one-stop customized solution for our customers and partners. We believe that great space design requires great products to support, so we take every detail with special care.

With 4 proofing masters, H&S takes pride in our great craftsmanship. Our rich experience on furniture customizing enables us to response to all custom requirements instantly and gains great reputation in the business.


Customized Process :

3. Production

When the producing process begins, our proofing masters lead the production team and take care details in person. 

4. Packaging

We also take our last process carefully. Packaging, in fact, requires extraordinary care, because a great product must be shipped safely. Therefore, we pack every customized product with at least 3 layers.



Dream can only come true with a right support. We want you to find the right product and partner for your business.

Please leave a message and we will contact you soon. 

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