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Humanity and Spirit (H&S) is a brand under Guangdong ZhongXi Furniture Co., a 13 years professional furniture producer located in LeCong, ShunDe, the Capital of furniture trade in China.

ZhongXi Furniture has been founded since 2006. After years of engaging in furniture business, Lisa Li, the founder of ZhongXi Furniture Company suggest that furniture industry must develops to a new era. In 2017, ZhongXi Furniture Company registered a new brand, Humanity & Spirit, that focuses on interior space as the best platform for artwork because people spend their whole life in spaces with different functions, such as working space, home, and public space. In ZhongXi Furniture Company's oopinion, most of current spaces are lacked of color and comfort. Color is a part of life and can trigger emotions. For instance, blue can make people feel calm and yellow can make people feel energetic. With good arrangement of colors, the space can give different experiences to occupants and visitors.  

Therefore, Humanity & Spirit becomes the advocator of Chromatic furniture. Li breaks the frame of lifeless public space design, reshapes the deep relationship between space and humanity, and let people experience the life with fresh and vitality. Only when we treat the space with love and motive, the space can amplifies its function and supports people’s need.

“Enlighten furniture with Love” ---- Humanity & Spirit.

In order to create the sense of humanity, Humanity and Spirit’s employees treat every products delicately.

From proofing to frame-building to sewing, every procedure are keys to turn creativity to reality.

Drag and drop to watch 360 ° panorama

《Meet the Nature》A space that trigger retrospection.

This first person 360 panorama is an imitation of a project that is led by H&S team



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