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H&S Sofa Has Developed A New Fabric Color

H&S Sofa Has Developed A New Fabric Color


H&S is a company that studies and designs tonal furniture. What we pursue is to blend living space through color, to highlight the charm of furniture, and to let everyone love life more in the busy rhythm. In fact, combining furniture with reasonable color to express the emotion of color is similar to better fit the emotional demand in people life.

upholstery fabric

                         Pure and fresh green, can be the dark green of gem,

                      the dark green of leaf, or the green of shallow grass at 

                      the same time, color gradient confluence gives a  person 

                      comfortable and relaxed feeling.

                          Hazy interweaving gray gives a person mysterious and quiet feeling, 

                      suits to be used at the sofa cloth art of the study, and makes a person

                      calm and think. The most wonderful part is its soft flannel simple sense

                      when you look from away and its clean and pure visual experience when 

                       you look close.

sofa fabric colour combinations


 We believe that our team of designers will be able to present a new sofa with new fabric to everyone soon.

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