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Hidden secrets of the H&S‘s "Pisces love seats"

Hidden secrets of the H&S‘s "Pisces love seats"


Hidden secrets of the H&S‘s "Pisces love seats" 

            Since H&S attended the 44th Shanghai furniture expo in September 2019, our products have been highly promoted. "Pisces love seats" is one of our main products, the color collocation design of unique personality lets a person remember. The collocation of blue and orange in a space unavoidably ignites a person to want to try it and encourages a person to experience the comfort.   




          The material of “Pisces love chair”: the cushion is made of the leather from Italy, which looks like flannelette from far.  The back and the armrest are made of walnut wood, which might be wrongly identified if not describe. Moreover, as other H&S’s products, the Pisces love chair can be customized by any color combination and selective materials.



You might realize that this sofa actually implies the good intentions of our designer team. There is a slight difference in the height of the seats on both sides. Considering that the communication between people can be better reflected when using this sofa. The different height of the seats makes the cross-eyed position of two people on the seat more intimate, making both sides feel more of a sense of communication. This design is also the perfect embodiment of H&S's humanistic spirit.

From the design of Angle, the choice of material, the collocation of fabric color and the combination of human body, all H&S’s products are well designed in order to let living space become warmer and more complete.

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