Professional Hotel Furniture Manufacturer
Professional Hotel Furniture Manufacturer


Professional Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

Designers to customer requirements, product design draft, fabric color matching, to meet the requirements of ergonomics

Top Designer Team

In addition, we use imported cowhide fabric in the production line to ensure that each frame is well constructed

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In the sewing process, our professional sewing team is indispensable. Because of their effort and professionality, we can feel the sense of humanity and spirit from the appearance of product 


Designer Customizing/Hotel Solution/Project Solution

Italian Light Luxury Dining Chair Made Of Solid Wood

Nordic Light Luxury Simple Leather Dining Chair 

Italian Light Luxury Full House Custom Modern Simple Dining Table
Modern Contracted Nordic Sitting Room Leather Study Combination

Modern Light Luxury Master Bedroom Double Bed 

Modern Simple Minimalist Round Custom Tea Table
Custom High-End TV Cabinet For Light Luxury Furniture
Italian Light Luxury Leather Bed
Italy Contracted First Layer Cowhide Bedroom Bedside Table
Luxury Custom Italian Style Simple Porch Side Cabinet



At H&S, our hotel furniture manufacturers goal is to simplify the one-stop customized solution for our customers and partners. We believe that great space design requires great products to support, so we take every detail with special care.

With 4 proofing masters, H&S takes pride in our great craftsmanship. Our rich experience on furniture customizing enables us to response to all custom requirements instantly and gains great reputation in the business.

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Product Design

You provide product design. Then, we discuss detail and your great idea.

Proofing and Prototype Confirmation

Our proofing masters build the prototype with great effort. According to our internal statistic, a prototype need to be rebuilt at least 3 times in order to be confirmed.


When the producing process begins, our proofing masters lead the production team and take care details in person.


We also take our last process carefully. Packaging, in fact, requires extraordinary care, because a great product must be shipped safely. Therefore, we pack every customized product with at least 3 layers. 


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