How many quality sofas are produced by H&S per month?
As a whole, it is stable monthly output of quality sofas in Guangdong ZhongXi Furniture Co.Ltd. However, it may change based on different seasons (peak or off-season). The monthly output may be different when there are different sizes, specifications or colors. Our production is flexible. It may be adjusted when there are emergency orders.

H&S has attracted more and more customers for its high reputation. H&S provides a wide range of best accent chairs for customers. The product has no wrinkles. Its fabrics have been treated to have elasticity and strong frictional resistance that can retain its original shape. Its fabric effectively acts as a barrier for dust mites and allergens. Adding a logo on this product guarantees free marketing. Anywhere it goes, on transit, people are bound to take notice of this uniquely designed product. This product offers comfort and supports freedom of movement.

Continuous improvement of service quality has always been the main focus of H&S. Inquire now!
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