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The product features dimensional accuracy. There are no deviations in the design phase and the production process thanks to the CAD software and CNC machine.
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Enterprise Strength
  • H&S is committed to providing customers with excellent, advanced and professional services. In this way can we improve their trust and satisfaction with our company.
Application Scope
H&S's furniture manufacturers can be used in a variety of situations.With a focus on customers, H&S analyzes problems from the perspective of customers and provides comprehensive, professional and excellent solutions.
Company Advantages
1. Every detail of HS is professionally handled by designers who have years of experience in architecture design. The product's surface, edges, and colors are exquisitely determined to match the room.
2. The product features dimensional accuracy. There are no deviations in the design phase and the production process thanks to the CAD software and CNC machine.
3. With rich experience in outer packing, will be well protected and no damage will happen.

Company Features
1. Guangdong ZhongXi Furniture Co.Ltd is a company specializing in and related product development, design and production.
2. With the help of technicians, HS can produce technically great .
3. We are environmentally responsible. Our employees continually improve the awareness of the environmental requirements and always timely report any conditions that they perceive to be hazardous to the environment. We will gear our business activities towards a greener approach, while at the same time guarantee the production process meets all relevant environmental laws. Our goal is that we aim to improve our products and solutions through innovations and smart thinking – to create more value at a reduced ecological footprint. We constantly work with our suppliers and clients by motivating them to chase higher sustainability options and standards and to understand sustainable production behavior.
Product Description
Bedroom Furniture
General Use
Home Furniture
Customized Size
Place of Origin
Hebei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name
Model Number
3D high polymer PoE
Eco-friendly, breathable, anti-bacterial, stand wear and tear

Breathable, dry and comfortable
Its special internal structure gives it good air permeability.The air can circulate inside and form air flow, which can drain the moisture and sweat secreted by the body from the mattress. This feature is especially applicable to the wet coastal urban population, the lower floors of the community and the less sunny houses. Moreover, it has good preventive effect for people staying in bed for a long time and people easy to be infected with skin diseases such as bedsores and eczema at hospital or nursing home .

Easy to wash
Skylee high polymer material series product inner core and cover can all be washed easily! The only material in the world!
The places such as hotel, school and high-speed rail are belong to the open space with feature of big personnel fluidity and high uncertainty. People are easy to dirty mattresses, pillows and other bedding articles, at the same time, we also face a problem-those household bedding articles can be changed but can't be washed after a long time use! There are occasional incontinence or bed-wetting in hospitals, nursing homes or kindergartens, which is a normal phenomenon. However, those mattresses need to be cleaned up in time, or bacteria will multiply rapidly in the mattresses and endanger human health!
With feature of air permeability, Skylee 3D mattress can be washed easily, which traditional palm mat, sponge mat, memory pad, spring mattress, latex mat can not achieve! It also can increase the service life of the mattress and avoid the huge expense of replacing the new bedding articles.
Mattress cleaning procedure:
1) Remove the mattress cover, machine washing or hand washing
2) Flush the inner core with the faucet or water gun
3) Dry in the shade or use hair dryer to blow it

Moisture-proof, anti-mite, anti-mildew
Skylee mattress-the first environmental high polymer mattress in mainland China
Skylee*3F triple-proof mattress - moisture-proof, anti-mite, anti-mildew
In the hot and humid southeast coastal cities and inland cities, mites and molds are everywhere. They are extremely easy to grow and endanger family member’s health.
Skylee's unique 3D hollow three-dimensional structure can effectively expel 99% of the moisture, so that the moisture is not left!The humid air environment is also a good condition for the growth of mites. The suitable temperature of the mite growth is 60~ 80%, and it is difficult to survive below 50%. Therefore, from the structure of the Skylee mattress and the air humidity, there is no room for mites to live! The material of Skylee mattress is natural antibacterial material. With feature of ventilated dry and not moist, it won't go mouldy like palm mat, spring mattress and sponge mattress!

Comfortable and high elastic, disperse the body pressure uniformly
The unique "X - 90 °" six sides breathable hollow three-dimensional structure of Skylee 3D mattress material has up to 400000 points per square meter, letting body part maintain enough support. No matter people lie on their side or back, it can fully undertake the body, make people go into deep sleep easily and sleep well all night long. From now on, sleeping is no longer tired!


The best choice of many high-end places: large international chain kindergarten, high-end nursing home, military nursing home, the international noble school, first-tier colleges and universities, large swimming/sports venues, five-star hotels, airline first class cabins, ships and yachts, the troops ships, international supermarket chain, high-speed rail seat/beds, the international well-known large hospitals and other high-end places!

HS is constructed using advanced techniques. It features a classic and vintage-style design
HS is designed by designers with the expertise of industry. Its pattern and texture are highly customizable
design creates a magical and exquisite effect for . Its humanized design makes users feel comfortable to grip
is specifically designed for , featuring . Its humanized design makes users feel comfortable to grip
The advanced technology is integrated into the whole production process of HS . The product is available in various colors
This product has good durability and is suitable for long-term use and storage. It allows users to answer the phone without opening
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