Is H&S an OBM?
For now, Guangdong ZhongXi Furniture Co.Ltd is an OBM and still working on to be a world-famous one. OBM refers to Original Brand Manufacturing which requires the enterprises to be of strong production capacity, independent development technology, up-to-date innovative concepts, and sound sales network across the whole world. It covers a wide range of businesses including product design, R&D, manufacturing, services, and sales. All the processes should be completed by themselves.

H&S applies the most advanced technology to produce custom dining chairs. H&S provides a wide range of customized furniture for customers. Before production, H&S modern side table is designed based on the wishes of customers. For example, its color, fronts, and shapes all meet the requirements of customers. It can prevent the back and hip out of pain. Operators are more focused on their work when applying this product because they do not less likely to wear and tear. It is woven tightly, featuring strength and durability.

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