Some Mississippi Furniture Manufacturers Suspending

by:H&S     2020-07-31

The despair of 1873 – 1877 witnessed the failure of Gates and Langford and Ford, Wood and Comstock. Business failures through the depression of the mid-1890’s included Benson, Hand, and Frisbee and Schildmacher and Bauer.

A number of corporations went out of business, or had been purchased out by larger corporations, even during the affluent decade of the 1920’s. The Kling-Triangle Furniture Company failed in 1925 and the Ahlstrom Piano Company and the Jamestown Case Goods went out in 1926. The yr 1927 witnessed the failure of the Liberty Upholstery Company and the Herrick, Supreme and Standard furnishings companies. In 1928, the Bailey Table Company, Himebaugh Brothers, Schulze and Van Stee and the Jamestown Period Furniture Company went out of business. The Ideal, Allied, Level and Star furnishings firms failed in 1929.

Throughout the late nineteenth century, as agriculture turned more mechanized, individuals moved to the cities, expanding the commercial work drive and creating a bigger urban shopper market. Companies which had produced agricultural equipment began making goods for urban consumers.

Norquist, Atlas, Advance and Level furniture corporations have been based by immigrant Swedish woodworkers. In 1894, even nicely-established corporations just like the Breed-Johnson Company, the Jamestown Cane Seat Company, the Morgan Manufacturing Company and the Shearman Brothers Lounge Company solely employed from 50 to one hundred workmen. As late as 1920, corporations corresponding to Elk, Acme, Active and Allied furniture corporations employed 50 males or much less. C. Norquist Company, with a hundred twenty five men, the Atlas Furniture Company, with 200 males, and Level Furniture Company and the Bailey Table Company, with near 300 males each.

During the late nineteenth century, a number of the bigger furnishings factories employed ladies and kids on a piece-work foundation. In 1870, the Jamestown Cane Seat Company employed from 30 to 40 girls and boys, paying them $.10 per seat. The youngsters normally worked at home, and created from 6 to 10 cane seats per day. For more intricate work, nonetheless, companies relied on expert grownup woodworkers. Before the Civil War many of the woodworking was performed by Yankees, whereas after the warfare the Swedes started to play a significant function within the metropolis’s furnishings trade.

Early within the twentieth century, Italians and Albanians additionally discovered work in Jamestown’s furnishings factories. The small scale of enterprise, and the continued reliance available labor, rather than cheap [expensive] gear, made it attainable for furnishings employees to organize their own companies.

Some of Jamestown’s most profitable Swedish producers, including Charles A. Ahlstrom, Augustus Johnson and Evald B. Seaburg, had been woodworkers in furnishings factories earlier than going into business for themselves. Even before the Great Depression of the 1930’s, economic downturns had brought on furnishings factories to fail.
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