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Successful case 1-Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel, China in 2015

Successful case 1-Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel, China in 2015


——Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel, China in 2015——

Sheraton hotels are mainly located in the most attractive and prosperous cities and resorts in the world.

Sheraton hotels provide high-quality services to business guests and leisure travelers from all over the world (from Argentina to Zimbabwe).

Project process:

1 Sample room test: The company started the production of sample room in 2013. We went to the Sheraton Zhuhai Hotel to measure the size according to the drawings and renderings provided by the customer. In the factory, we renovated a room exactly the same size as the Sheraton Hotel.

2. Confirm the implementation plan: After many coordination and modification, we finally got a satisfactory answer from Sheraton Hotel in 2014, and finally confirmed the implementation plan.

3 Construction site: stationed at the site for installation. Since all the problems were solved in the factory, the site installation was very smooth.

4 Process: Our company is an ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO14025 enterprise that has passed the international authority certification, because the quality production process strictly follows the ISO quality management system, and the product quality production process is fully controlled.

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