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Successful case 6-Dalian Albin Jinshan Hotel in 2014

Successful case 6-Dalian Albin Jinshan Hotel in 2014


——Dalian Albin Jinshan Hotel——

The customization of hotel furniture needs to be based on the space size of the hotel suite, and then the furniture configuration suitable for the hotel suite furniture design can be made. Whether it is the determination of the appearance size or the functional size, the most important thing comes from the ergonomic design, based on the safety, comfort, health and experience of the user in the work, life and other use processes. This aspect has both people's long-term accumulation. There are also national and industry standards for guidance and restrictions.


The calculation of the diameter of the round dining table generally depends on how many people the customer wants. At this time, the hotel docking person and the designer and other relevant personnel are required to determine the diameter of the dining table according to the space size of the restaurant, and what size meal to match The chair is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

--Meeting room--

The conference room is a more solemn space. The designer chooses the traditional conference table and conference chair. The paint on the table and the armrest paint of the chair are made of high-quality environmentally friendly paint, which is smooth and wear-resistant. The surface is bright and flat, particle-free, non-toxic and easy. Clean; in line with national environmental protection standards, the fabric of the conference chair is treated with the first layer of cowhide, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and other processes, and the seat bag and the backing bag are made of high-quality high-density sponge, with moderate hardness.


The bedroom is a private space. The furniture used is relatively simple and generous. The wooden furniture is used to form a clear contrast with the space. The overall space is clean and comfortable, allowing passengers to have a better rest.

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