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The Nest Lounge Chair Announcement

The Nest Lounge Chair Announcement


The Nest Lounge Chair is one of the furniture that is designed by JiuMing Li, the Chief designer of H&S, in 2018. Li believes that “No matter how hard-working one is, one must eventually go back home and rest”. Bearing such belief, Li decides to build furniture that feels like a home. Moreover, for most of us, home is a place where we feel calm, tolerance, love, and comfort.  

The Nest

She quietly stands there,

         But you hear her speaking:

Inducing you to accept her embrace,

Unloading your burdensome body,        

 And calming your agitated spirit.               

With such images of a home, JiuMing Li designs the Nest lounge chair which has the surrounding back that provides a sense of embracement. However, the prototype of the Nest was not easily built because we were looking for the angle and material that can provide extreme comfort. Finally, after a year of prototyping, H&S builds the final prototype and announces today. 

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