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The Successful Launch

The Successful Launch


After the 44th China International Furniture Fair in Shanghai ended on September 11, 2019, many companies are still looking for new impetus in the furniture market. Unlike the previous trend which was simply defined as a dominated culture and had explicitly dominated the market, the current trend is more subtle and implicitly reforming the market. In fact, many journalists and analysts of furniture business have suggested several advises that may discover the new impetus.

1. Complete Customization

Today, customers are more aware of their favored lifestyle. As a result, customization becomes a new trend in the furniture business.

2. Not about the Furniture, but Space

As more people care about their living quality, they start to care about their environment. In the past, furniture is just a product which is placed in a space. However, furniture becomes the main factor in a comfortable environment.

3. Brand

Unlike the logic of Manufacturer Company, the market is looking for brands that are backed up by either quality, reputation, or creativity. Since the market is full of products and has excessive productivity, the market is not looking for product anymore. Therefore, companies must switch their manufacturer’s logic to the idea of the brand

Humanity and Spirit (H&S) being an advocator of Chromatic furniture takes the first step to prove the suggestion from these journalists. The result is a great success. Since H&S has our own designer team, we designed our booth in China International Furniture Fair with unique idea and motivation. Because we always take the customer in the first place, we decided to create a comfortable environment for all guests is more important and more attractive, instead of presenting all products to the public. Therefore, during the exhibition, our team presented our brand with passion, politeness, and comfort, and won great respect from all guests

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